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network storage link with external disk drive It is not enough to store your software and data files on your computer and assume they will always be there when you need them.  Why?  Well, computers can break down, hard drive surfaces can scratch, and your data can be compromised.  You might delete your files by mistake, or a computer virus might corrupt your files!  At the least, it can be a hassle to hire someone to professionally retrieve your data.  But in the worst-case scenario, your data can be lost forever, causing you large losses of time and money.

backup disk drive and disk cartridge illustration Data backup is the process of making a second copy of computer data and software so that it is available if the original copy is damaged or lost.  It is important to periodically backup the contents of your computer's hard disk onto removable media, which are available in the form of tape cartridges, disk cartridges, and flash memory devices.  Store these data backup media in a safe place, even off-site if your data is mission-critical.  With the availability of high-speed Internet access, it is also possible to upload or archive data from your computer to a web-based server, where it is available for download or data restoration purposes.  This may be an acceptable backup solution for some applications.,,,, and are just a few of the vendors who provide online data backup services via the Internet.

When designing a backup procedure, be sure that it is convenient and requires minimal human interaction.  Plan a backup schedule and a backup media retention scheme that fits your organizational or personal requirements.  In deciding what type of media to use, consider whether the media and the ability to read your backup data will still be available in five or ten years!

Data Backup Systems and Software

The following data backup solutions providers offer storage media and disk drives as well as backup software and web-based data storage.
  • Veritas - Data Backup Software
    Offers data protection software that features integrated data protection and data management capabilities for computer networks, desktops, and laptops.
  • EMC Retrospect
    Produces backup and restore software for small and midsize businesses.  EMC Retrospect is an award-winning software product that provides data protection for servers, desktops, notebooks, and business-critical applications.
  • Data Recovery Software from R-Tools Technology
    Provider of data recovery, undelete, drive image, and data security software for personal computers.

Online Data Backup

    Offers Norton online backup services (from Symantec Corporation).
  • Carbonite
    Offers online data backup services with "anytime, anywhere" access.
    Offers a series of backup services for small and medium sized businesses.
    Offers backup services for personal computers, Macs, and mobile devices.
  • Mozy
    Offers online backup plans for home computers as well as entire offices.

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