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flash memory drive In addition to the safety and security of having your files backed up, removable storage devices can also ensure that your data is portable so it can easily be moved from one computer to the next.  Several types of removable storage units have been developed over the years.  How do they work?

Iomega Zip drives use Zip disks which are slightly thicker than standard 3 1/2 inch floppy disks, but their data can be accessed quickly and their storage capacities are larger, ranging between 100 MB and 750 MB.  Zip drives hold much more data than a regular floppy disk because their read/write heads are much smaller than those on a floppy disk.  In fact, they are similar in size to the read/write disks on a typical hard drive.  Zip drives have a magnetic coated Mylar disk inside that is high in energy, which also allows more bits to be packed on to a smaller surface area.

Magneto-Optical drives use a combination of electromagnetic read/write heads and laser beams to store data.  Floptical disks, on the other hand, use a series of very small but accurate concentric tracks to write data.  The tracks are thinner than those on a typical disk, and therefore, can store more data.

A removable hard drive is similar to the hard drive in your computer, but it is attached externally.  Today's removable hard drives are usually hooked up to your computer via USB cables, and they can be programmed to automatically backup and save data on a daily basis.  Quarter-inch cartridge tape backup drives include programs that allow you to back up or locate specific files, and are perfect for those who often need to restore archived files.  A digital audio tape backup drive allows you to check the hard disk's allocation table to find data to back up.  The size of a pack of gum, digital audio tape backup allows you to store an enormous amount of data on a small and easily portable device.

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In recent years, flash memory drive systems, as well as rewritable CDs and DVDs, have become widely used for backing up data.  Flash memory devices attach directly to a computer's USB port; CD and DVD units attach internally via the IDE or SATA interface, or externally via a USB or Firewire interface.

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